Contributed by Nicholas E. Blonien, D.O. Cancer remains a leading cause of firefighter mortality. Despite marvelous advances in diagnostic technologies and therapeutics, healthy lifestyle choices are still a powerful prevention strategy, especially for those in the higher-risk firefighting field. Earlier in 2023, leaders in firefighter research published a review of current evidence supporting the effectiveness...
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Contributed by Paul J. Anderson, M.D. Getting quality sleep is tough. Anticipation of a call at night is like watching the alarm clock when you know you need to get up early. Your sleep quality suffers. Then a call comes in, and your sympathetic “fight-or-flight” response is activated. This sharpens your focus and primes your...
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Contributed by Dr. Nick Blonien, Occupational & Environmental Medicine Poor sleep quality is a public health epidemic, and a problem estimated to burden nearly half of American adults. Decreased physical and cognitive performance, adverse health outcomes, decreased safety and lost productivity are some of the consequences seen in individuals who are underslept. And as we...
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