Support for fire service spouses, partners, family members & more!

If you’re in crisis, need help or need to file a claim, please call our 24-hour hotline: 888-784-6634

Making smart decisions about your family’s health

As part of MnFIRE’s free ongoing health and wellness training for all Minnesota firefighters, fire service significant others, spouses and family members can participate in a special training designed to give you the tools, skills and perspective needed to support the health and well-being of your loved one – and your family. This training session is expressly designed for spouses and significant others to help navigate potential challenges that can arise when you have a firefighter in your family.

This training is currently being offered at regional sessions throughout Minnesota. Contact us to learn more.

Mental health support for you and for them

Thanks to the Hometown Heroes Assistance Program, confidential help is available over the phone or online, anytime for any Minnesota firefighter and their family through the MnFIRE Assistance Program (MAP). Any member of a firefighter’s household, including children living away from home, can access the MAP. Each firefighter and/or their family members can access up to five counseling visits a year for free.

From day one, eight years ago, when my husband became a volunteer firefighter, I wanted to learn how to support him on the homefront. Spouses had zero resources until now. I am so grateful for all the work MnFIRE is doing to empower firefighters and their families.

Firefighter Spouse

Resources for partners & families

These resources accompany the MnFIRE Firefighter Spouse & Significant Other Awareness Training curriculum.

Protocol 7 Support Plan – Created by Lindsay Benson, MA, LPCC for MnFIRE
Family Emergency Planning
Assertive Communication
CDC Occupational Exposure Tracking Form
Firefighter Mediterranean Food Pyramid

Invisible Dangers: How carcinogens can come home

Decontamination procedures protect not only your firefighter. They protect you and your family members as well.

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