MnFIRE Training

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MnFIRE Awareness Training

There is a crisis in our fire service – more and more Minnesota firefighters are tragically losing their lives due to cardiac issues, emotional trauma and cancer. As a result, it’s critical that all MN firefighters receive training to become “MnFIRE Aware” of their occupational health risks as soon as possible. This training is ideal for departments who have not had previous MnFIRE trainings and is taught by firefighters and other health experts. This training is available both virtually and in-person at no cost to MN fire departments.

Deep Dive Sessions

These two-hour sessions are catered toward those who have already completed our MnFIRE Awareness Training and want further education on the different health risks facing firefighters. These trainings are available whenever it’s convenient for your department, either in-person or virtually. These classes are tailored to both department leadership, and firefighters themselves.

Cardiac Training

After just three hours of fighting fires, firefighters experience hardened arteries and impaired heart function. With that level of health risk, every firefighter deserves to be given the resources needed to protect their cardiovascular health. In this class, we’ll look at heightened risk factors, the types of cardiovascular diseases that most commonly impact firefighters, and prevention strategies to help firefighters lessen their risk.

Emotional Wellness Training

The emotional and disturbing calls we go on can stick with us – and it’s important to recognize how the stresses of the job can negatively impact our mental health. Sadly, too many in the fire service are ashamed or afraid to ask for the help they need. This class will help de-stigmatize talking about mental health in your department, as well as provide practical information around how to properly debrief after a difficult call with your team, ways to maintain emotional well-being and what resources are available for those who need help.

Cancer Training

Firefighters have a 9% higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer and a 14% higher risk of dying from cancer than the general U.S. population. This tragic reality underscores the critical need for more Minnesota firefighters to be aware of their higher risks for cancer – and what they can do to help prevent it. In our cancer deep-dive class, we’ll educate firefighters on activities that put them at higher risk for developing cancer, proper PPE strategies for mitigating cancer risks, and what types of screenings can be done to catch cancer early.

Sleep Training

Sleep is the most restorative and rejuvenating element of human life, but shift work and nighttime disruptions prevent most firefighters, both career and non-career, from getting adequate sleep on a consistent basis. Such chronic sleep deprivation is likely to accelerate the development of illnesses that are already all too prevalent in the fire service. This class will put your department on a path to better sleep.

Fitness & Nutrition Training

Firefighters are required to perform strenuous physical tasks like running, jumping and carrying heavy loads, in challenging and unpredictable conditions. Despite this physical strain, the majority of firefighters fail to maintain the needed levels of physical fitness to function safely and efficiently while on duty, putting them at an increased risk for stress and injury. This class covers the basics of building a functional fitness routine and the importance of nourishing your body.

Become MnFIRE AWARE Certified

In addition to improving the well-being of your department, as more of your team members undergo MnFIRE Training, you progress toward achieving Bronze / Silver / Gold MnFIRE Aware Certification status and become eligible for MnFIRE benefits.

MnFIRE Aware certified departments receive:

  • Certificate (bi-annual certification)
  • Unique MnFIRE-branded items for members
  • Ability to display/use the MnFIRE Aware logo

For more information or to apply for certification, contact DeeDee Jankovich, Director of Program Delivery, at

State-compliant Annual Wellness Training and Peer Support Resources

In 2023, the Minnesota Legislature passed a new Public Safety Duty Disability law, which requires treatment of a psychological condition for a licensed peace officer or full-time firefighter to be eligible for duty disability benefits from the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) or the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA).

If your department or city is considering a new EAP/peer support program or annual wellness training in order to comply with this new law, reach out to MnFIRE! Our trainings and specialized mental health resources satisfy these new requirements, are ready for department use, and are available at no additional cost. Contact DeeDee Jankovich, Director of Program Delivery, to learn more.

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