While nutrition alone can’t solve the complexities of a mental health condition, a growing body of research is showing how diets that support brain health can benefit mental health and well-being, and also help reduce stress and improve focus. How nutrients support you Your brain and body need a variety of nutrients to support your...
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Contributed by Paul J. Anderson, M.D. As a firefighter, food may be one of the last things on your mind. You may work one or two other jobs while trying to hold down a busy family life, and you’re committed to showing up for a fire call, ready to get to work. With this number...
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Contributed by Paul J. Anderson, M.D. As firefighters, we’re no strangers to hard physical work. Wearing turnout gear and equipment in extreme heat while dealing with an emergency can push you to your physical limits. In fact, heart attacks are the number one cause of death on the job for firefighters year after year. Other...
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