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MnFIRE Assistance Program

Thank you for partnering with MnFIRE and Optum on the exclusive MnFIRE Assistance Program network. We’re dedicated to serving and treating Minnesota firefighters who risk so much to keep our communities safe. We invite you to explore this page for helpful providers resources on this curated network that’s upgraded from a traditional EAP to support Minnesota firefighters and their families.

If you have a colleague who might also be interested in working with firefighters, their families and loved ones, please contact MnFIRE Provider Relations Coordinator Emily Deboer.

Optum Resources

MAP Provider Orientation and Training Deck
MAP Quick Reference Guide

Other forms and MAP information can be found on Optum Provider Express.

Sign up for our quarterly provider newsletter for the latest Minnesota firefighter news and resources and tools for the MAP Network. If there are certain skills and resources you feel would help you be more effective in your practice with firefighters, please reach out.

Quarterly Town Hall Meetings

Join us quarterly to discuss our collaborative approach to delivering trauma treatment services to our members and learn more about the physical and mental health risks facing the firefighter population.

Visit Optum Provider Express and select “MnFIRE Provider Quarterly Town Hall” under the MnFIRE Assistance Program (MAP) tab.

Questions? Contact our provider relations team

Emily Schumacher

MnFIRE Assistance Program Provider Relations Advocate

Dr. Melinda Coscarelli

Medical Director, MnFIRE Assistance Program & Peer Support

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