Why is MnFIRE imperative for our state’s firefighters?

Minnesota ranks 45th in the nation in per-capita fire service spending, despite being the 21st most populous state and 12th largest in area. Critical funding shortages throughout Minnesota departments make it difficult for fire service leaders to prioritize firefighter health measures and equipment, such as department-wide health checkups, gear-cleaning tools and mental health resources. All public decision-makers, from the State Capitol to city halls, must make the Minnesota fire service a funding priority, not simply to protect the lives and property of Minnesotans, but to give firefighters the help they need to stay healthy and optimally productive in service to their communities.

Moving Minnesota up just one spot – to 44th in the nation – will require an additional $15 million in statewide investment, and it will take $100 million to get to 40th. MnFIRE is currently lobbying Minnesota legislators for $7.3 million to start moving the needle toward appropriate funding for our hometown heroes.

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