Firefighter (Duty, Honor, Courage)

Minnesota musician Larry Long was inspired to write “Firefighter” – along with Eden Prairie’s retired-fire chief (and current MnFIRE president) George Esbensen – after he accompanied firefighters on a call to a business fire.

“While on that fire run I was so deeply struck by the brave and hardworking people that save our lives daily. The firefighter filled with ‘Duty, Honor, and Courage’ represents everything worth standing up and striving for as a nation,” said Long. “When I discovered the high rate of heart disease, cancer and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among firefighters, I felt the calling to write ‘Firefighter’. For there’s no better time than now to urge policymakers to give all that it might take for us to support the physical and emotional well-being of those who serve us.”

“Firefighter (Duty, Honor, Courage),” was written with MnFIRE as an anthem for the state’s firefighters as the 2020 legislative session begins and the Hometown Heroes Assistance Program (SF2264 and HF1782) is up for consideration once again.

Firefighter (Duty, Honor, Courage) Lyrics

Here’s to the people who put out the fires
Fall into line seem never to tire
In helmets of red, white, yellow, and black

When they go in might never come back
Falling in line when danger appears
Giving their life year after year
With a pre-connect as a life line
Never to leave their buddy behind

Duty, Honor, Courage

We are in trouble down here
There’s blood in the dirt
Looking up at the sky
For help on this earth

Friends, neighbors, and family
Heart disease, cancer, PTSD
For firefighters they’re the big three
Burning out the lives we hold dear

Duty, Honor, Courage

We cannot summon the rain
Nor make the wind blow
But we can raise up a fire
There’s no place like home

They say there’s no money it’s really no will
To knock out the demons that so often kills
The firefighter who can’t get no slack
From policymakers who don’t have their back

Duty, Honor, Courage

Firefighter crawling through flames
Firefighter each of whom has a name
Firefighter might be your life they save
Firefighter above a crib
Firefighter now holding him
Firefighter when the candle dims
Firefighter needs somebody who
Firefighter that they can turn to
Firefighter may that someone be you

Words & Music by Larry Long
Copyright Larry Long Publishing 2020 / BMI

Lyrics written in partnership with Ret. Fire Chief George Esbensen; President of MnFire

Firefighter (Duty, Honor, Courage)
Larry Long & American Roots Revue

Larry Long – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
J.D. Steele, Robert Robinson, Tonia Hughes – Support Vocals
Billy Steele – Piano
George Parrish – Electric Guitar
Yonathan Bekure – Bass
Daryl Boudreaux – Percussion
Brian Kendrick – Drums
Joe Savage – Pedal Steel

Studio & Mixing Engineers: Steve Wiese & Miles Hanson
Recorded at Creation Audio Studio A; Minneapolis, Minnesota

© all rights reserved

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